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Asphalt Rejuvenation

Let Hilltop Paving reinvent your curb appeal with our astonishing RejuvaSeal rejuvenator! This innovative 3 in 1 system revitalizes, seals, and protects your pavement in just one treatment. Our certified team can answer any questions that you may have on this product. RejuvaSeal is scientifically designed to reverse the aging process and extend the lifecycle of asphalt assets, including commercial parking lots and roadways, roads and highways, raceway, airport runways, and taxiways. After application, the product will not chip, peel or delaminate.

  • Penetrate, Repair and Protect The Asphalt
  • Replace Oils Lost Due to Oxidation and Weather
  • Revitalize The Asphalt Binder
  • Restore Flexibility In The Asphalt
  • Improve The Asphalt’s Durability, While Extending Its Life
  • Seal The Pavement Against Contaminants
  • Enhance Curb Appeal
  • Expand And Contract At The Same Rate As The Asphalt
  • Reduce Pavement Life-Cycle Costs